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Medical labs at an affordable price drawn in a comfortable, professional office setting.

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Follow our 1-2-3 process for guaranteed 48 hour tests results:

  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Arrive for Blood Test
  • Expect Results in 48 hours

 Employee Health

Professional, accurate and at an affordable price. We accommodate to all companies, large or small. For more information, have your wellness or human resources director contact us today.

 Our Prices Can’t Be Beat!


National Lab

Lipid (Cholesterol) Panel  $29  $119
 CBC $18 $37
 Comp. Chemistry  $22  $50
 PSA  $39  $115
 TSH (Thyroid)  $38  $93
 A1C (Diabetes)  $24  $82
 Protime (Coumadin)  $15  $35
 Drawing Fee  $10  $24

We also offer ultrasounds for your heart, aorta, thyroid, etc.