Covid-19 Testing Available

Affordable Labs Inc. is now offering Coronavirus Antibody Testing in Vernon Hills, IL.

What is the Covid-19 Antibody Test?

The Covid-19 Antibody Test is a simple blood test that will reveal if your body has developed the neccessary antibodies to successfuly fight off the Coronavirus.

Covid-19 Tests Available:

Antibody Test

Acute Panel of Antibodies

  • Detects Early / Late Infection (Antibodies)

  • Includes lgA, lgM, and lgG Antibodies

  • Results available in 12 – 24 hours

Acute Infection Test

Acute Antigen Swab (Nasal Swab)

  • Results available in 15 minutes

Molecular Swab (PCR)

  • Results available in 3 – 4 days

Benefits of Choosing Affordable Labs Inc.

  • Medical Precision / Accuracy

  • Low-Risk Environment

  • Affordable

  • Results arrive in a timely manner

  • Your health and safety is our priority!